In early 1962, Angstrom, Inc. started doing business as a supplier of consumables, accessories, upgrades and service for arc-spark spectrometers.  That same year, the product line was expanded to include sample preparation equipment for XRF spectrometers and a distributed arc-spark spectrometer line.

By early 1970, Angstrom began manufacturing its own arc-spark spectrometers in Monrovia, CA.  The first of those systems, the V-70, was a huge success with the automobile and steel industries, giving Angstrom a prominent position in the arc-spark industry early on in its existence.  The product line continued to evolve over the years and four other models; the V-71, V-80, V-83 and V-950 were produced until arc-spark manufacturing ceased in 2016.  Angstrom began a partnership with Arun Technology UK in 1999, selling their CCD desktop spectrometers in the US to complement the original line of PMT manufactured systems.  Angstrom was a distributor for the Arun product line until 2022.

Angstrom continues to manufacture a line of sample preparation equipment for XRF analysis. The 4451AE Pellet Press and TE250 Ring and Puck Mill have become industry standards in the cement and steel industries over the course of almost 60 years.  Both products continue to be highly recommend by OEM’s in the XRF industry to complement their own product installations.

Angstrom remains a small, privately held corporation that continues to work on behalf of its customers to provide the best solutions possible for the industries it serves.