Angstrom Version 3 Analytical Software is now available as an upgrade to replace Version 1 or 2 software packages on V-950 Spectrometers and S-1000 Upgrade systems. The new package is a complete re-write and adds many new features along with better functionality.

Your system can be upgraded during a routine maintenance visit and all of your existing calibration matrices can be easily imported. Version 3 also incorporates our on-line support system.

We can rebuild and upgrade your old 4451A or 4451AE Briquet Press to not only look like new, but also perform like new as well. Many customers cannot tell the difference between a press that has been rebuilt by our staff and a new one. Let our factory experts extend the life of your existing unit for many more years of use with an upgrade package.

All work is performed at our factory in Belleville, MI and is guaranteed.

Call our office at 734-697-8058 to request an upgrade quote.