MERLIN 4 Arc-Spark Spectrometer

The MERLIN 4 Arc-Spark Spectrometer is our most compact and affordable desktop spectrometer.  It is best suited for small foundries, die casters and metal processors that deal primarily in non-ferrous alloys.

The optical system is housed in a single argon filled chamber that is temperature controlled for excellent stability.  The single entrance window can be easily cleaned by the operator if desired and overall maintenance is minimal.

An external computer controls all spectrometer functions via a built in ethernet connection.  A digital source is utilized for sample excitation, providing consistent burn-to- burn analysis.

This is a perfect instrument for aluminum casting alloys!

Wavelength Range

MERLIN 4 Ultimate: 175 – 521nm
MERLIN 4 Visible: 206 – 521nm


Weight and Dimensions

Weight: 155 lb.
Packing Weight: 225 lb.
Instrument Size: 26″ x 16″ x 31″
Packing Size: 39″ x 39″ x 31″

Electrical Requirements

115V, 60Hz
Peak power requirement 1200W

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature 50 to 85 degrees F
Working Humidity: (20-80) %RH


Argon Details

Argon Purity Requirements: approx. 99.999%
Argon Inlet Pressure: 80 psi
Excitation Table Aperture: 12mm