ARTUS 8 Arc-Spark Spectrometer

The ARTUS 8 Arc-Spark Spectrometer provides fast, precise and accurate analysis for the perfect melt. It is our most powerful and reliable spectrometer and is well suited for foundries, die casters, metal processors and contract labs.

The unit is available in 3 models; the ARTUS 8 Standard, the ARTUS 8 Ultimate and the ARTUS 8 Visible.  The best model for your application will be recommended and is based on the alloys that will be analyzed with the system.

ARTUS 8 features include a dual optical system, die-cast aluminum encased light chamber, A-Care cloud service system, tool-free access to the UV and visible optic lenses, and a “clasping type” electrode locking device.  The ARTUS 8 is our most popular and versatile system delivering reliable day-in, day-out analysis.

Wavelength Range

ARTUS 8 Ultimate: 146 – 680nm
ARTUS 8 Standard: 174 – 680nn
ARTUS 8 Visible: 212-680nm

Weight and Dimensions

Weight: 176 lb.
Packing Weight: 280 lb.
Instrument Size: 28″ x 17″ x 30″
Packing Size: 39″ x 39″ x 31″

Electrical Requirements

115V, 60Hz
Peak power requirement 1200W

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature 50 to 85 degrees F
Working Humidity: (20-80) %RH
Argon Details
Argon Purity Requirements: approx. 99.999%
Argon Inlet Pressure: 80 psi
Excitation Table Aperture: 12mm