The TE250 Laboratory Ring Pulverizer can be used to pulverize a variety of materials to analytical fineness. Also known as a "ring and puck mill" or "shatterbox", the TE250 can pulverize as little as 10cc or as much as 250cc at a time. Grinding containers are typically constructed of chrome-steel or tungsten-carbide, but non-metallics like ceramic and agate containers are also available. Optional adapters can be purchased for grinding multiple samples at the same time using two, three or four containers.

The TE250 Pulverizer utilizes a 1 hp motor and massive counterweight to provide the centrifugal force to the grinding container. A fused timer panel with thermal overload is standard as well as a lid safety mechanism. The cabinet is heavy-duty welded steel and soundproofed, with a base that is weighted with concrete to keep the unit from moving during operation. Optional motor speed controls are available on all single-phase models. A trusted model since 1962 for applications requiring high volume usage. Designed and manufactured in the US using domestic components.


All Angstrom grinding containers are constructed with rounded corners for easy cleaning, helping to avoid sample-to-sample contamination. In addition, an 'o'-ring or gasket is used on the lid of each container assembly to minimize and control dust. This seal also allows samples to be ground as a slurry, utilizing liquids along with the sample for easier sample grinding. Special cryogenic containers are available for use with liquid nitrogen for samples that are normally too soft to grind.