ARTUS 8 CCD Spectrometer

High Performance Optical Emission Spectrometer for fast, precise and accurate metals analysis. Utilizes custom CCD technology for the utilmate in analytical performance. A complete range of analytical programs are available - intelligent anaytical program selection (iAPS) automatically selects the correct one to avoid operator mistakes.


Optical & Hardware System

• High resolution CCD's

• Dual optical system with holographic gratings

• Flexible X-Y sample clamp

• Extremely efficient power & argon consumption



• Maintenance-free digital spark source

• Rugged RF shielding

• Ethernet connection for easy interfacing

• Temperature and real-time drift correction

Software System

• A-PLUS user-friendly software for Windows 10

• Intelligent Automatic Program Selection (iAPS)

• Optional Single Sample Standardization (3S)

• Custom report generator

• CSV & other supported results files for export