V-950 Laboratory Spectrometer

High-End Optical Emission Spectrometer for the ultimate in metal analysis performance. Utilizes photomultiplier (PMT) technology which offers the best sensitivity possible and the longest life. Each element channel is fitted with its own detector and exit slit, minimizing interferences and maximizing instrument performance. The V-950 is designed and manufactured in the USA.


Optical System

• Paschen Runge 750 mm

• Single vacuum optic

• Up to 60 analytical channels

• Individual PMT, gain selected by wavelength

• Masking of spectral light at exit slit

• 2400 g/mm grating used for all configurations

• Optional scanning monochrometers



• Maintenance-free HEPS source

• Rugged RF shielding

• Microprocessor controlled readout

• USB connection for easy interfacing

• Fiber optic output controls

• Modular rack mount designs

• Built with off-the-shelf components

Software System

• Integrated system self-checks with warnings

• Automatic ID of material grades for samples

• Direct connection to factory for diagnosis

• Send results to smartphones or tablets

• E-mail based reporting available

• Custom report generator

• SQL database and CSV supported results files

• Free version updates as available